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NBG Represented at ESA's Phi Week

The European Space Agency held its annual Phi Week conference in Rome just last month and we were delighted to be able to send two executive committee members to the event to represent the Northern Blockchain Group.

The event was filled with fascinating, intellectual talks focusing on the latest developments in the field of earth observation. There was a strong focus on how new technologies can be used draw out as much utility as possible from the massive amounts of data now publicly available. In particular, applications of artificial intelligence were of particular interest to the several hundred delegates at the event.

Of significance to us, the Thursday was dedicated to workshops and talks regarding Blockchain. A range of topics were discussed, including the public vs permissible Blockcahin debate, the future adoption of Blockchain, its issues preventing it from mass adoption at this current stage, the applications to Earth observation, and state of the art methodologies such as sidechains and shading. These topics were of great interest to us, and we were delighted to hear that our delegates engaged in healthy debates throughout the day.

All in all, our delegates learnt a lot and met some great people from the industry and we hope we can attend again next year. We are always looking to send our executive committee members on excursions like these, as they provide a fantastic networking opportunity for the NBG.

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