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Financial Services on the Blockchain

Updated: May 28, 2019

We were delighted to work with one of our partner societies, the York Blockchain Society, to invite Flinn Dolman to the University of York. Flinn works for Bright, an up-and-coming London FinTech startup involved in putting financial services on the Blockchain.

The talk, which took place on the 2nd November on York's fantastic modern Heslington East campus, attracted a large crowd from a number of different backgrounds. After the talk, Flinn engaged in a Q&A with the enthusiastic crowd and some very interesting discussions followed. The York Blockchain Society benefited hugely from the event, with a swathe of new members and an increased reputation at the University of York.

The Northern Blockchain Group will continue to work with Bright and other London FinTech companies to help create more events like this at our other partner universities.

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