Join the Partners Network

Become part of the fastest growing network of professional and student organisations driven by the challenge of improving the access to education for all.


Partner Benefits

  • Event Support

    The Northern Blockchain Group can attract high-profile speakers for your events. Our Speakers Database facilitates finding speakers for any blockchain-related event you wish to put together. Additionally, we can help secure you external sponsorship through our pre-existing deals with businesses from around the world.

  • Cross-Promotional Activities

    Being a partner gives you access to our 1400+ Blockchain developers and enthusiasts at a highly discounted rate. Additionally, for FREE, we will promote your products and services through our social media channels. All we ask is for you to do the same for us!

  • Workshops

    We offer a range of workshops for businesses, professional groups and student organisations. As a partner we can deliver a workshop of your choosing at your organisation at a highly discounted rate.

How to Apply


  1. ​Where do I have to list NBG as a partner?

    We ask you to display the Northern Blockchain Group logo on any promotional content that you produce where you include a list of partners. If you typically don't list your partners on promotional content, then we don't ask for you to list us. In summary, wherever you deem appropriate.


  2. How can I connect with the other partners?

    You'll be invited to our monthly All-Hands meetings where you'll get the opportunity to chat with our other partners. We're also happy to make any introductions when asked.


  3. To what degree can I access the NBG community of 1400+ Blockchhain developers and enthusiasts?

    As a free benefit of joining the Northern Blockchain Group Partners Network we will ensure that your news and announcements are shared to our community via social media and our Slack group. We can also offer discounted advertisement fees to directly put your product or
    service in front of the eyes of all 1400+ members of our community through email.


  4. To what degree can I access the NBG Speakers Database?

    We are happy to make an introduction for you to any of our speakers that have spoken at our events. Just let us know who!